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Some fantastic untold cricket stories

I stumbled across this podcast series and so glad I did . The host has attracted some fantastic guests and just love to have a chat about all things cricket and what got them inspired to play the game. The host clearly knows his stuff, very easy listening.

Insightful as ever!

Matty spares no detail in his analysis of the game. One of the greatest cricket minds I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting

Great podcast for any sport fan

The Cricket Library is an intriguing and fascinating insight into the world of cricket. Matt does a fantastic job of taking you on the journey of the guest, balancing cricket insights with general reflections. A great, conversational style.

Awesome stuff

Wow good pod Great interviewing I would recommend it to everyone

MJ Ellis hits it for 5/5

Great informative podcast. Would recommend to anyone who wants an insight on cricket history and currently in Australia.

Robbie Mackinlay

Have enjoyed every podcast episode. Matt love of cricket and research shines through. Keep up the great work ✅👍👌👏

The best cricket podcast going around

A fantastic, well structured and entertaining podcast. Matt has a brilliant skill of putting guests at ease and asking them engaging questions that’s open up the doors of the podcast and make the listener feel like they are in the room. His knowledge of the history of the game, the players, grounds…

The Fantastic Cricket Library

MJ Ellis, in conjunction with the cricket library’s Burrabadine franchise, has produced perhaps the finest podcast since Mat Fiction’s roadside reviews. MJ Ellis asks the questions that allow the guest to tell their story, taking the listener through a journey and delving into what makes this perso…

Insightful, charming and irreverent

Matt’s approach to evangelising the game we love and talking to and about its subjects is brilliant - Sensational narrative from an an enthusiast, stakeholder and obvious tragic.

Sharp and to the point

A good wrap up of the recent cricket